You've reached the mouth of a labyrinth.
The eye, as it were.
The eyes. Many, many eyes.
Did you like them? I drew them myself.

I don't know why I drew them.
I don't even know why I built this site,
not entirely.
I've had many roosts on the web prior to SYSLBNTH.
Another site would just be another strain on my
bandwidth, right?

But this is different, I think,
quantifiably, qualitatively different from the others.
Unrestrained by themes and timelines,
My form collapses.
Who knows what shape it will take in the vacuum?
Undefined behavior ensues.

I am a phantom,
a thought without form,
a signal without flesh,
drifting in and around wire ether and sinew,
drifting alone,
searching endlessly, hopelessly, for a home.

Those of you who know me from somewhere else
(and I can count on my fingers the people who do)
will have already heard this song and dance.
(And at this point, it might be wearing thin.)

But if you don't? Click something.
Go somewhere.
Pick a door.
Maybe I'll surprise you.

Granted, there's not much to see right now.
And there's still so much I want to add.
But check back often.
The Nexus is always growing.†



I should've written this one ages ago, sorry.
My surprise project, a massive essay on YU-NO called the "Time Traveler's Diary," went up close to Halloween and blew up shortly thereafter. If you're reading this update around the time it was written, there's a good chance it's because of the Diary. Greetings! I promise there's more to see if you look closely.

I also uploaded a short guide to avoiding the distortion that appears when taking screenshots in Cho Ren Sha 68K, which is great if you've actually heard of the game (though the included links may interest you even if you haven't.) as for what comes next, I'd like to add all kinds of little things to this site, and not of all of it has to be writing. In fact, I think I'm overdue for some buttons...


Happy Halloween all! I'm not dead, and I haven't forgotten this site. In fact, I uploaded a retrospective on Flash games just a little while back. More importantly, the reason I haven't been active lately is that I've been going into overdrive to finish a very special writing project, and at last I can say that it's scheduled for this Monday. It's related to a certain VN that recently got ported to Windows. That may sound vague, but if you've already heard of it, I'm sure you-know. Keep your eyes peeled!


I've moved another one of my old essays over from Tumblr. It's called "Welcome to Crystal Hell." You should check it out.

I've also added a tipping link to my profile in anticipation of some of the dedicated writing that looms on the horizon. I think I should make some buttons for this site, too. If only I was better at managing my time...

I promise I'll add something that isn't leftovers soon. I'm mostly just trying to buy time while I prepare a positively massive essay. It's a bit to adjust to; it used to be that I'd post essays and then do the usual reblogging/responding to asks/etc. in-between. But it's clear that I can't make essays the only thing on my site, because they take time to make, and without the reblog/ask filler I had to pass the time on Tumblr, the site is practically dead in-between each one.

So I think this is a good sign to be looser and more creative with what I upload here. Not everything has to be a manifesto to be worth reading. It's Neocities, after all. I can post whatever the heck I want. -FNTM


I've decided to add a regular updates section to this page, just so that people reading this know what I'm up to. I moved here from Tumblr after the Purge (my blog was mostly sfw; I just left out of indignation,) and intended to make this site both the archive of the writing I did there, and the new home of any future writing I'd do from then on. As such, I'll probably be moving a lot of stuff from over there in the coming weeks. In terms of new things, I mentioned at the end of "Flash Forever" that I'm working on an extremely long essay. I can't say what game it's about just yet, but if you're familiar with mid-'90s Japanese adventure games, I'm sure you-know already ;-)

If you've visited this site any time since at least yesterday, you might have noticed that one the links on the right-hand sidebar has changed. This is normal; I want that sidebar to be constantly changing as I make new things and find new things. I'll have to find somplace to archive those links once they've been phased out, though.

Anyway, stay tuned. I'm sure I'll have a new page up again sooner or later! -FNTM

Where do you go from here?


@You find someone clutching a memorandum,
 lying unconscious by the rocky shore.
 They rise and smile, looking peaceful,
 as if they've just finished a long journey...

@There's a crowd gathered around an old garden.
 It looks withered; the crowd runs back and forth,
 hurried and worried, pulling out weeds and
 scattering seeds.
 They must be trying to save it.
@To your immediate left is the guestbook.
 Have you signed in?


@One alley becomes many,
 many become many more,
 branching, splintering off into infinity.

@You hear a strange humming sound reverberate
 down one of the alleys, like a CRT display...
 ...but noisier.


@A yawning, glittering abyss

…You are about to leave when, out of the corner of your eye,
you notice a cat.